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Mandy Chen Illustration

Girl with green beret and silly face


Hi, I’m Mandy Chen! I am an illustrator and developer, which means I can write scripts to automate the boring parts of my work. I treat markup and scripts as just another fun tool to create art and illustrations.

This site is my personal playground and sometimes updating. I like testing out the coolest new features and pushing their limits. I haven’t done major updates on this site since 2020 so there are broken links to resolve. Sorry about that.

If you like what you see, feel free to contact me.

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(Nov 2016 – Present)

react! game box in 3d view An Organic Chemistry board game made with a team of STEM students, medical students, and educators. I mainly created illustrations and print layouts, and occasionaly contributed towards developing game mechanics and web assets. (I did NOT make that webpage, however).


Custom themes written in css. Usable with the browser plugins Stylish or Stylus (preferred). Listed below are the themes I’ve written from scratch, but my pastel dark themeStylish account includes personal themes that were built off of others.

Dark css Themes

Webpages & Web Apps

2022, 2024
App Development
Personal Dev Projects

Webpages & SPA Schoolwork

Below are some notable pages created for CCSF coursework. All pages are responsive and have validated HTML (Except for when a framework or hosting service contains required snippets that do not validate).