Computer Networking and Information Technology

Beginning Web Development Certificate


Introduction to HTML & CSS – a light introduction course to HTML and inline CSS that is completed in 6 weeks. This course cannot be used to substitute CNIT 131 for AS Degree, only certificates. HTML, CSS and FTP will be learned.

CNIT 131

Internet and Beginning HTML – this is a semester-long course and you will learn about browsers, wired and wireless network, network security, etc. This course is part of the core courses required for AS Degree in CNIT.

CNIT 132:

Intermediate HTML & CSS – this course contains intermediate techniques of HTML and CSS including principles of Responsive Web Design, CSS animation, etc.

Advanced Web Development Certificate

CNIT 133

JavaScript, jQuery, AXAX – this course starts with the basics of JavaScript up to more advanced techniques and will introduce jQuery and AJAX.

CNIT 134

Server-Side Technologies: ASP.NET – The use of ASP.NET techniques to create dynamic, server-side web pages. Using MS Visual Studio.

Optional for Web Development Certificate

CNIT 129

Web 2.0 Technologies – the study and use of different web 2.0 technologies and their integration within web pages. Students will develop blogs, social media pages, social bookmarking, maps, etc.


XML & JSON – Introduction to XML, the use of XML to transfer data across different platforms; XSLT, CSS to style XML data. Introduction to JSON.

Other Certificates


For students interested in the network security area.

Advanced Cybersecurity

This certificate includes more advanced topics in the area of network security. Students will be ready to take some well-known industry exams in the area of network security.

Computer Technical Support

This certificate prepares students for the job positions of technical support and even with some basis of help desk or technical service management.

Wireless Networking

Students will be able to plan, install, and maintain wireless networks applying some basic principles of network security.