Exploring Strawberry Creek

Spots along the Creek

Map of Strawberry Creek

Map of Strawberry Creek

A Slice of Nature

In a high-stress environment full of stern, cold buildings everywhere, a little bit of nature can bring calm and ease back to your life. This interactive map shows the North Fork and the South Fork of Stawberry Creek converging to the west as well as some humble yet notable spots to look out for.

Squirrel Watching & Studying

Here is the location of a little bench surrounded by a patch of redwood trees facing the creek. You can watch and hear the light stream of water as well as observe the squirrels dashing around as you eat your lunch or do some reading.

Crossing the Creek

There are multiple actual bridges across the creek. However, this one is special, as it is out of the way through the trees on the side of Sather Gate. Just in case some protesters block Sather Gate, you can carefully tiptoe across this little waterfall, but watch your balance.

Skipping Rocks

No, we don't mean skipping rocks across the creek, although you can do that, too. Down here you have have the joy of hopping over the rocks on the creek with scant risk of drowning whilst feeling like a kid again.

Collecting Specimens

Here is one of the best places to walk down to the creek waters, and dunk your collection bottle in to collect tons of little bugs and microorganisms that live in the creek water! It is right across from the Valley Life Sciences Building, so you can walk right over to the lab and observe your little critters floating under a microscope!