CNIT 133M — Mobile Web w/HTML, CSS & JS

girl wearing green beret [paragraph about myself]
I’m Mandy. I am addicted to dark chocolate as well as various types of tea. I started out in ccsf studying Illustration and I just finished a certificate in Digital Illustration. However, in the vmd department, we were introduced to html and css as part of the introductory class, and I ended up developing an interest in web development! Due to studying design alongside development, I tried a little bit too hard to implement nice typography into this web page.

[paragraph with the reason(s) I am attending this class]
I’m attending this course because I really like web development, and usually run into a wall of how to progress further when learning on my own. I’ve always wanted to but put off learning how to create a pwa and I’m ecstatic that it’s part of the course syllabus.

Technologies for this class


jQuery Animation